Thursday, April 22, 2010

Datalogger starts work

22 April : Blaise called round in the evening with a USB cable for the datalogger to the PC, so we got it working. There were a few white and green strands to swap, and one of the thermocouples didn't work but we had a spare.

So now, 8 different channels are being recorded every 5 minutes. We have more cables to add, but they have been programmed into the PC already.

Some time in the near future, I am going to have to have a week with the Sunboxes turned off, just to compare with their present performance with them not operating. As it is nearly summer, I don't mind having them off a while.
   The heatpump looks a bit wierd festooned with fine green and white wires, but they are all doing an important job!

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