Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Datalogger upgrade

20 April : Blaise came round in early evening with a replacement Datalogger, the Datataker DT500. He has 8 cables, so most of the connections were made to the significant pipes.
  Unfortunately, we couldn't actually set it running, as we will need a serial cable from the DT500 to a PC, and the one we had has the wrong sockets. So another day will go by.
The software sets up the DT500 so it knows what is coming in through the channels, whether analogue, digital etc, and whether temperature, humidity, time, counters or whatever. The thermocouple ends are wrapped in ptfe tape and firmly taped to key pipes.
19 April: I also purchased the Polycarbonate sheeting for the sunbox and for the PV panel front, and have purchased a timeclock that can be set into a pattress box to display accumulated time. So this Sunbox mark 2 project is under way!
PV roaring ahead again
Although the air temperature was cold, the sunshine was intense, and we had our best day ever, 22 kWhrs of power generated!

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