Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Electrics repositioned, and leaks

5 April: I moved the electronic thermostat switch down to the ground floor, next to the heatpump. This means that I can now keep an eye on the system without having to 'meerkat' into the loft. Visitors can be shown the system working without having to go aloft (unless they are interested in plumbing!)
  As always, nothing is easy in this life, and I had a persistent problem with a fault in the bellwire to the sensors (finally tracked down with a circuit tester) . I had innumerable small problems of bad contact with 'chocolate blocks'. I tend to get out the soldering iron when faced with this problem and solder the cable ends so that they push into small holes more accurately. Fixing the neon indicators was a problem, at one point blowing the house circuit breakers because I turned power on, not checking that there was a metal ring touching one of the neons.... dramatic flash!
Air Leakage
  I also found that where the deep borehole pipes go underground, there is a hole through the floor into the cavity below which must having been causing heat loss for the last three years, so this hole is nicely filled with some of the bubblewrap that the polycarbonate was sent in. When you have done what you can do or must do in the way of insulation, the next thing is to track down air leakage!
  I am considering the possibility of a heat reclaim air system to provide good ventilation. If you make the house too airtight, this becomes essential to health.

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