Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Evening with Alan Simpson

19 April : I and about 30 others shared an enjoyable evening with the outgoing MP for Nottingham South, Alan Simpson. He has built a truly green home in the Lace Market area of Nottingham. One good reason for leaving is that he feels that he can do more campaigning for renewable energy solutions (to combat Climate Change) out of Parliament than in it.
In recent years he has gone from being Blair's toughest rebel to being a significant advisor to Ed Miliband on Feed in Tariffs. This was the result of a cross party coalition of concerned MPs that he organised to promote FITs as an energy initiative that is proven to have worked in Germany.
  We had a good 45 mins of address from Alan, followed by an hour of audience questions. Although he isn't standing, most of the audience were constituents, who are still interested to hear his views, and regret losing him as MP.
  As one of Alan's new initiatives will be renewable heat (along with renewable energy generation), I hope he will find a genuine interest in the application of Sunboxes in buildings and housing estates where GSHPs are used.
 This may be some way off, as even in the under-construction eco-housing scheme in Nottingham's Meadows, they are not using GSHP (but they will use wind turbines and a lot of Photovoltaic on the roofs).

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