Sunday, April 11, 2010

First sign of Sunbox mark two

10 April: I am still thinking about the Mark 2 version of the sunboxes, now that the general principle is proven, even if not yet fully quantified. The idea here is to combine Sunbox with Photovoltaic, and because the collector is behind the PV panel it doesnt need to be so wide as it is not seeing the sun directly. I can use a smaller thermal collector that is optimised to pick up air temperature. So the overall box can work within a smaller rectangle.
  As I cannot currently connect more PV to the grid (feed in tariff and cost of inverters) I could use a single panel to harvest DC power, and charge a battery, and that can provide power to 12 v devices (of which I do not have many....). In fact, if I can't get a PV panel from a sponsor, I can make a dummy one from Aluminium angle and black painted polycarbonate, just to prove the concept (that a black fronted sunbox will get hot enough inside to act act as a thermal collector for a Ground Source Heat Pump.).
   It could be tee'd to the existing system, and would need its own Energy flowmeter (to see how it works), and probably its own Pump (as it is uncertain how much would flow through them 'accidentally'. I would have to reposition the existing pump and energy meter, so that the Sunboxes mark 1 and the mark 2 were distinguishable.
  Friday, I bought a small Regulator, which is the device linking a PV solar panel to a 12v device such as a car battery. But I think I might return this, as it is premature. If I can't get a sponsor's PV panel, I might just use the dummy one first. I will also obtain a small central heating radiator to act as the thermal collector as it has high surface area.

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