Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forest, and Ways to use PV power from Sunbox 2

24 April : During the final home game of Nottingham Forest (winning 3-0 against Plymouth), I couldn't help drifting off a bit thinking of the earth charging project. I was thinking about creative ways to use relays now that I have discovered them!
   I think that if I use the Sharp PV panel with its maximum of 180w (somewhat reduced due to the polycarbonate cover and the crazed glass) with a regulator, car battery and inverter (as illustrated), I can use the 230vAC to run the two water pumps that will be in the loft.
   This makes sense because the pump workload will be higher when the Sun shines more strongly, so it is appropriately that this should be when the supply is enhanced. In reality, the power of the pumps cost us nothing, as our PV roof does so well whenever the Sun shines. However.... this is a research project and I want to test everything out.
    If I find that the car battery is always fully charged, I can run an extension into the house and run more appliances from it, so long as I don't exceed 600 watts. I will not bother with 12v pumps etc, as these are difficult to find, noisy, run too fast, and I might later want to run the Sunbox without a PV panel.

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