Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gravel as an Energy Store

27 April : I am glad to see the article in today's Guardian, reporting on ideas from Isentropic to even out intermittent production of renewable technology by storing spare energy in vast silos of Gravel.
    This isn't simply storing heat like in my project, it is far more extreme. One silo of gravel might be boosted to 500ºC, and another cooled to -160ºC using a powerful heatpump. This is equivalent to pumping water high up a mountain. The equivalent to letting the water down again is to allow the silos to exchange temperature, somehow generating electricity in so doing by using the same [reverse cycle] heatpump.
  I can assure all readers of the blog that I have no intention of heating the clay under my house to 500ºC. I am trying to prevent it cooling, but it would take a truly profligate lifestyle to use so much heat that my deep ground fell to minus 160 degrees!

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