Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heatpump : day of fixing! part 2

15 April 2010: There were still some other problems principally with pressure which is what made David and I chase the Air release valve to the hot water jacket surrounding the water tank - plenty of air came out!
Then with his help, I checked the pressure in the underfloor heating circuit. There was also insufficient water pressure in the underfloor heating circuit (less than 0.5 bar), and mains water pressure can be used to boost it to 1.5 bar (see the little dial in the photo, middle right in the first posting). The low pressure permitted too many air-bubbles in the circuit which was why it was so noisy, and another reason not to leave it on at night.

There were some drips of water into the 'tundish' from the heating circuit (discharging onto the driveway), so I gave the pressure valve a few seconds of water flushing to flush out any grit, and recharged the pressure to 1.5 bar. Normally, this would require a call-out, but David is confident enough in me to fiddle around inside.

Sorry for all this outbreak of excess cheerfulness, but after a day and now an evening of this improved GSGP performance, it seems uncanny to have the machine working so much better and quietly. It is in hibernation much of the time (despite it being a cold day), and correctly coming on only when needed either for a quick boost to the water or heating.
..... useful day, although not much else done during the day .... but better use of time than all the thousands of people in UK airports sitting around being angry about their non-flights...

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