Friday, April 9, 2010

How much UP and how much DOWN?

9 April: On a nice sunny day, there is direct heating from the Sunboxes. The glycol loop comes out of the GSHP, splits into two directions, some goes up, and some goes on down. The return from the sunboxes is warmer than the flow.
    One thing I do Not have is a Volume Flowmeter that measures the Total circulation in the ground loop, so that I could compare that amount with the amount going through the sunboxes (which is being measured). The amount in the sunboxes is determined solely by the pulling power of the pump in the attic which is running at slowest speed. Does it draw off 1/3, 1/2 or 1/4 of the total flow? I don't know. I would be reluctant to put a flowmeter on the main ground loop without first consulting Ice Energy as to the constriction risk.
  I could try increasing the attic pump speed, to increase the fraction going up to the boxes. It is running slow to save energy cost, but also, as it is an augmentation not a total heating method, there seemed no need for it to run faster.
 On a cloudy bright day today, at midday, the air temp is 13.1, the sunboxes are at 25.4, pump is putting glycol out at 3.5, the combined flow into the ground is 4.6, the return temp is 6.1. I wish I could temporarily divert the entire flow through the sunboxes for a while to see if the house could be heated from them alone, although this could be done manually with a lever ball valve in a place where there is no space to put one (next to the Non-Return valve)... doh!

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