Thursday, April 22, 2010

ICAX : pioneering Interseasonal Heat Transfer

22 April : In my early research for this, I came across the website of ICAX, a British company who seem to be the pioneers of  Interseasonal Heat Transfer, in fact I think they have trademarked the name IHT[tm]. They have a wonderfully informative website, demonstrating some of the projects they have done already, but also providing a wealth of theoretical and explanatory background. They do not include Sunboxes yet, but are clearly looking for every way to harness sunshine and store for heating, even as a way to keep roads ice free. After the evening with Alan Simpson last week, I resolved to get in touch with ICAX, and discuss a new way to 'Recycle Sunshine' as they put it on their site.
    I had a phone conversation with Edward Thomson, one of the ICAX team who has written much of the website. I will be monitoring the performance of our sunboxes over the long summer, and into the winter. If a Sunbox system is ever to be commercially available, it needs to be value engineered as being proven to do the job at a cost and with a buildability that is proportional to the return. So the monitoring will continue, as will tweaks to the system that bring about improvements, such as fitting the three-way solenoid valve. I hope to meet with some of the ICAX team at a future opportunity - meanwhile, I advise my blog-readers to look at the ICAX website.

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