Monday, April 12, 2010

Information notices for the public

12 April: There are a number of events coming up, Green Festivals and suchlike etc, and I need to get together some information and graphics. I think I need a portable exhibition screen.
     For immediate need there is the long trail of people walking past our house who look up and wonder what the boxes are for - they stand in the field gesturing towards them. So I made a simple poster that can go inside the sunbox, readable from the field. In the one that is up in the box, the URL is also included, so they can see this blogsite. Sorry that the graphics are a bit childlike, but I made it schematically to look like a reminder of what they see when they walk down the hill towards the house.
   I am thinking that it might be a good idea to fix extension Neon Indicators to the external panels, so that passers by can see the state of activity. Problem with this idea is that the scaffolding has gone, so it could be dangerous, and I don't want to fall off a ladder just as we are discovering something useful in the world of Sustainable Energy Technologies!

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