Friday, April 2, 2010

Modelling the system in 3D

2 April: Good Friday has been an indoor sort of day, with it grey and drizzly outside and I having a bad back thanks for over-vigorous shovelling of earth for my raised vegetable beds.
  So I thought that we need some good diagrams for the upcoming dissertations and papers etc, so have been CAD/GDL modelling the piping, and updating the models of the sunboxes, using ArchiCAD. Although the real thing can be photographed, this is tidier and cleaner, and aids design of a future system elsewhere.
   The plumbing at the Sunbox end of the roof has also been modelled.  Now to add in the electrics, and move on to the boxes for the photovoltaic.
 And in real (not virtual) life, I might move the controlling thermostat down to the Utility room next to the GSHP, to reduce the need for meerkatting in the loft.
  This rendering makes my loft look a lot tidier than the real thing!

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