Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More discussion with Dr C Wood

28 April 2010: More about the interesting discussion with Dr Chris Wood in the Uni...
     He has been working with Roger Bullivant since getting the PhD and is also researching interseasonal heat transfer, using the heat building up under rooftiles to store in the ground. (Unfortunately no blog about that.... ). If he is willing to tell more, I hope something about it can appear here, or it will appear in journal articles later.

 He provided me with a number of better quality Thermocouples to replace the ones we now have, which should give more accurate results with the datalogger. One of these is 21m long, to go right up to the sunboxes. These have better quality welds at the tips.

He commented on my 'bottle-shape' idea for the boreholes. Although it is broadly right, there are likely to be bands or strata of different conductivities or thermal capacity in the average soil, so if you could chart the undisturbed temperatures all the way down, the bottle would have narrower and wider sections as it went deeper (a bit like an old Coca Cola bottle). For our house, all we know is what the drillers told us and what we knew from the British Geological Survey, which is that it is mostly Marl, all the way down - just about perfect for deep boreholes.
    We also discussed briefly whether there is a case for patenting the sunboxes, and if it is worth it or possible - I have not thought this possible earlier when the idea was only about using the black panels, because these ideas are well known. But there is a case for trademarking the technological solution, and there is also a case for just being in front of the others, and doing it first. I also had information from another expert that for patenting I would have to delete this blog and ask everybody I talk to from now on to sign non-disclosure agreements!

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