Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Need for a Timeclock display

14 April : What I would like now would be an electrically activated clock that would simply record the number of hours that the pump is turned on, so I can do a daily reading. I am reminded by David from Ice Energy that a datalogger would do this, but I still have a slight technophobia of the datalogger and am waiting for Blaise to come and connect it all up.
   A clock that I could simply read daily would be a great help, just as the clock in the GSHP gives me a weekly display of the number of hours of operation, connected to the Danfoss solenoid valve that turns on the pump.
   I shall be hunting the website of RS and Maplin to see if I can find such things.

19 April: The timeclock has been ordered from CPC Farnell on line store. It should increment time whenever there is 230v supply.... I hope!

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