Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now it is Summertime, slow the pump

18 April :  As for the existing system, I have decided to call the present time, officially, Summertime so the pump speed can be returned to slow. We can return to the middle speed in October.

This is for two reasons,
1. The heatpump does its business very quickly, but with warmer external temperatures, the sunboxes may run for 10-12 hours or more. For about an hour a day of GSHP working, we just don't need so much pumping. The soil is warm, and the sunboxes deliver Realtime heat, so the GSHP gets the heat it needs very quickly.

2. Although the daytime energy used by the pump is free (it comes from the PV roof), there is no need for such high pump speed during the summer, as I still suspect that for a small house Interseasonal Thermal Storage is a dream that may turn out to be a mirage - although for buildings with large footprint like a School or Office, there is more potential.

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