Friday, May 14, 2010

Open Day 16th May - visit the house!

14 May :  There is an Open Day in 16th May for ecohouses and other households using sustainable ideas in the district of West Bridgford, Nottingham. Ours is on the list to be open, although people have to book to visit the day before, at the Green Streets 'Summer Gathering 2010' festival in West Bridgford Park 15th May. Or they can book here and be put on the list.

I shall also have the Sunbox Mark 2 on display - if not on the wall, then it will be set up in the garden for discussion purposes. Lets hope it's a nice day, so that the Surya Sunboxes are performing to their best!

See the special West Bridgford Ecohouses website about the open day.
See also the article about the other WB ecohouses.

PS, as this date is now past, you can still visit the house, please email me directly for a suitable time. Evenings are OK.

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