Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relay cables to the GSHP

26 Apr : Both the Omron relays purchased last week are now installed. One connects to the thermostat and comes on when the green light comes on. The other one has a thin cable that trails around behind and over and into the GSHP cabinet. It has to connect to the water pump that works the ground loop, the specific indication that the GSHP is activated.
   I first thought I might have to cut the main cable to the pump and insert a small junction box or 'chocolate block' but I discovered that the electronic board behind the user's control panel contains a number of outputs, one of which is the pump for the ground loop - so it was easy enough to connect in the new cable.
    Now I have to work out how to connect the relay to the DT500 datalogger, and that's another little job done!

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