Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rushcliffe sustainable visitors

15 April : During the afternoon, we noticed out in the field two men standing still and earnestly discussing the Sunboxes. I went out to explain how everything works.
  It turned out they were Paul P and Nigel C, two key members of the 'Sustainability' team of Rushcliffe Borough Council. They had been checking nature conservancy matters in the Sharphill Wood, high to the south of our house, and had parked outside the house.
    Paul had known about our project, but a long time ago when it was only an idea. He is also a supporter of the Rushcliffe Solar project.
   They are pleased that Rushcliffe has a pioneering experiment in sustainable technology, and want to do another write up in the community magazine Rushcliffe Reports. So I must send a couple of images, and a short non-technical write up.

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