Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Starting work on Sunbox 2: Mr Makita gets a virtual hug!

27 Apr : Work began on repairing the PV panel, fixing aluminium angles to the perimeter. Tomorrow, I will be coating the front with 4mm polycarbonate.
  I don't have a press drill at the moment as it is being repaired. But for work like this, I am alternately drilling metal and screwing with self tapping screws. You cannot beat a Makita cordless combi drill driver with torque control. This has a keyless chuck, two speed gearbox with fine speed control in the trigger, adjustable torque clutch (so you can't overtighten), mode switch between drilling, screwdriving and hammer drilling. Two rapidly interchangeable power units and a fast charger. It's wonderful and I would like to give a big hug to Mr Makita who designed this!
   I treated myself to one of these in March. I just wish-wish-wish I had the smartness to get one earlier - one of these in December and January would have saved so much time and made all the fixing of self tapping screws so much easier and more precise. And when you have to do anything with wood, you can invest in self hole-drilling screws.
  One of the delays with the first sunboxes was my search for the right type of screw. 10x1/2" Panheads were good before, but they had a blade head (easy for hand screwdriving, hopeless for Drilldriver). And I couldn't get enough to do the whole job, and the next lot weren't good enough either, so the Surya Sunboxes finished with 3 or 4 different screw types. Some were replaced, but the replacements had to cut different threads... hours wasted.
    This time, I was able to go to Screwfix and immediately pick a good quantity of these Prodrive Stainless steel 10x1/2" self tapping screws, for less than the price of a coffee. With their very broad but flattened domeheads, they are perfect for cutting thread and biting firmly into 3mm aluminium angle.
 Anyway... enough of Minutiae. Back to the design in a few days time.

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