Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunbox Mark2 progress

12 April: I obtained a steel Single Panel Radiator from a RealCycle user in West Bridgford. It is 950 x 600 so is about the right size, although if buying I would get one 1000-1100 wide. It is close enough.
   I also asked EvoEnergy for a PV Solar panel, and they have kindly given me a Sharp NU180 watt  that had been damaged in the warehouse and couldn't be used for a proper installation - so it's mine to experiment with. It has the correct frame and dimensions, so I can be sure to get the installation fixings right. I don't know if it works electrically, that is not important for the design of the box, as I am measuring the fitting size and also the reverse thermal radiation to a collector behind. I shall test it with my regulator to see if it works electrically.
  Once I have checked it over, I shall order some Polycarbonate and some Aluminium. I don't really want to drill more holes in the wall of the house, so initially, I shall first build it as a Kit-form, a set of parts that can be assembled for exhibition purpose.

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