Friday, May 28, 2010

Cold days boost the power! Less from the Grid....

28 May 2010: The changing weather that has given us a couple of cold days, with some sunshine, which proves my earlier point about PV operating worse when it is hot. 27 May, I kept my pullover on all day, and never felt too hot, but I got home and was astonished to see a score of over 23 kWh for the day on the PV. Today is also cool with sunshine and we seemed set for another high score - nearly 25 kWh!
    This morning, we had the Heat pump (heating and hot water), Washing machine and Dishwasher all running at the same time, and the entire load was still more than met by the more than 3 kW that the roof was providing - no power imported from the Grid. We have adapted lifestyle to run more things in daytime, especially on sunny days.
   It is ironic that we both have shares in the National Grid, and as there is a share issue, we actually bought more shares yesterday (posted the forms today) and yet, I am trying every way possible to reduce the import from the Grid. But if there was no Grid, I would have nowhere to post all our surplus electrical power back to!
   We also have shares in Good Energy, which is another reason why we are committed to staying with them, no matter how many telesales callers and bargain deals websites offer us deals to switch.

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