Monday, May 10, 2010

Complicated Plumbing/Electrical alteration

9 May : With a very long hard slog of plumbing work, I got the 3-port Danfoss installed above the heatpump. I was still working on it in the early hours of the morning, about 3am. That included refilling glycol into the system with a small jug.

It took so long for two reasons.
1. The incredibly tiny and tight three dimensional space I was working in made it very difficult to reach or work (plus all the dangling datalogger wires hanging everywhere.... made it difficult to have a flame from a blowlamp). The order had to be perfect because it was nigh impossible to pull such large diameter pipes apart to push into joints (and the pipe cutter could not work in such a space, so cutting had to be done with a bare hacksaw blade.
.... and 2. because I was doing it on a Saturday night, and I only had exactly the parts that were needed. If I was short of a part, or damaged an olive or ran out of gas, I could be in big trouble as the only place open on Sundays is B&Q and they don't normally do 28mm fittings. So I had to be very very painstaking and patient. (Should have bought one more of everything on Saturday morning).

Sometime after the system was working in mid-March, I assumed (or hoped) that I would never do anything with 28mm again, and took all my 28mm copper stuff to the plumbers merchant and gave it all to a random lucky customer who was there to shop. Later, I have found what an advantage it was to work with such large size, as I can now modify it the way I have done, with ALL glycol going through the Sunboxes when the thermostat says Yes!  So I had to go and buy some more 28mm stuff on Saturday morning. Doh!
      Sunday morning, I rejigged the electrics, so that there is a Red Neon light in the loft and by the GSHP to indicate when it is in a heating cycle, and also so that the new 3-port Danfoss internal relay now switches on the 2-port Danfoss and Wilo pump up in the loft.

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