Thursday, May 6, 2010

Expanding the Datalogging

5 May : In the evening, Blaise came round, and downloaded the information collected so far. We found that the datalogger's memory was full, and stopped recording about a week ago.
   So now, it is re-programmed to record every 15 mins instead of 5 mins.
  We added two more channels, the Air temperatures in the Sunboxes and externally on the north wall.
  We also wanted to record other things too. With a bit of inspired guesswork and a phone call to Chris Wood, we managed to attach three digital data channels :- a counter from the Supercal energy flowmeter, and a On/Off state from the Sunboxes and from the GSHP. We still have two counters and two digital channels left for us to think of things to connect to.

PS we later found that the Datalogger has a built in battery that keeps it going even if the power is turned off, so being turned off for short periods during maintenance is not a problem - it just keeps recording!

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