Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot days, Pyranometer and Joel

23 May : It really feels like summer now. Our Sunboxes recorded the highest ever delivery today of over 20 kWh, and the PV was over that amount. Blaise called in the evening, downloading the datalogger readings, and bringing the Pyranometer again for me to fix up in daylight.

I will get up there in a ladder, the first time I have had to do this. I have to find a way to bring the datalogging wire into the house... :( Its probably easiest to push a drawstring through the electrics pipe and pull the cable through than to push from outside, even on a ladder.

My dissertation student, Joel, is handing in tomorrow. He seems to have grasped enough of the subject to do a reasonable write up in such a short time. Let's hope so.

24 May: Postscript : the Pyranometer is up, and as it's a temporary installation, it is simply led through an ajar window, and down to the datalogger. It was easy to climb a ladder and tie it with rope to the sunbox gutter pipe.
    Normally, a pyranometer would be level, measuring the dome of the sky, but here it is hung vertically, measuring the curvature of the sun's progress through the sky, facing due south.

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