Sunday, May 16, 2010

Open Day 16th May

16 May: For our part in the West Bridgford Transition/ Greening campaign Ecohouses Open day, (after Saturday's Summer Gathering), we had 13-14 visitors on Sunday, all seemed interested in the design ideas in the house, particularly how we enjoyed the PV roof (which all could use), and how we justified it economically.

   The ground source heatpump was of more academic interest because it's so difficult for most people to fit unless they are building new. Quite a few of the visitors were eco-renovating their houses in some way, one of whom seems definitely interested in a GSHP, and perhaps if I my experiment this coming summer and winter prove it will make it more efficient, a Sunbox addition. Actually, for a larger house, or a Victorian house with more heatloss, I feel that it is more strongly justified, providing you can find somewhere to put it, as the heatpump on its own is going to have a tough workload.

  I made a Powerpoint before the visitors arrived, and although this only got one showing, it is useful to have one now for future lectures on the topic of the GSHP and Sunboxes. I will try to make it available to readers here as a PDF on line.
  Tina Holt and Tim Saunders. joint organisers of the event joined the visitors. Let's hope the whole Transition adventure continues.

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