Monday, May 17, 2010

Savita Panel unfurled

17 May : During the open day, I showed the visitors the Sunbox mark 2, otherwise called Savita panel. It is presently mounted on the Garage wall, just for display. There are interchangeable fronts, one is PV panel, the other is a millimetrically identical aluminium frame with clear 6mm polycarbonate at the front.
  I have now purchased many of the plumbing parts required to go ahead with this, ordered another Danfoss 3port valve today, and have other pipes and joints, ready to instal.

18 May : As time goes on, I think that I really want to compare the Savita and the Surya with the same operating conditions, i.e. both having a clear frontage. This would compare the performance of the metal and plastic collectors inside the volume. If this is to be a marketable product one day, the thermal performance is the prime question to answer. I can mount the PV panel separately to use it to power the pump

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