Saturday, May 22, 2010

Short term Cooling balanced by Short term Warming

22 May : Watching it today, I realised that there is nothing much to worry about here. The 6 deg and 21º regime is working fine. And I see that the short term cooling is balanced out by short term warming.
      I watched it today and in steady state, it was circulating at 30 watts (6 L/min), lazily trickling heat down at about 20ºC when sunboxes were about 40º-42º. When the heatpump came on for a heating cycle (to do hotwater) there are suddenly 2 pumps working, and 230 watts of power flush all that warm glycol down to the earth before the cold comes through. So the earth below gets this sudden rush of 20º glycol at about 18 litres/min, giving it a quick surge of warmth just as it is required to return this warmth back up to the GSHP. So no time for the warmth to escape to the clay, it comes back up and helps the GSHP.

The number of litres in this 2 minute short term heating gain is equal to the litres in the post-heating 10 min period. As the heat gain near enough balances the heat loss, I shall no longer worry about this short cooling period, and I did record an example of figures either side, which I will post later in the form of a Table.

Postscript: Blaise emailed me in reply to this, and agreed that the datalogger shows that for a short while there is a beneficial 'blip' whereby the COP briefly appears to rise to 6 or 7, when the warm glycol in the Sunboxes suddenly rushes through the GSHP at 18 lit/minute.

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