Thursday, May 6, 2010

West Bridgford Ecohouses

5 May : My eco-friend Karina Wells has created a blog site dedicated to writing up houses in the West Bridgford area that have eco-friendly features. .
   This is connected to the West Bridgford Transition Nottingham project, and was started because of the Open Day being held on May 16th.
   There will be a Summer Gathering in West Bridgford the day before, and people can view posters of the houses, and sign up to take part in a tour of the house.

The site will remain open after May, and I hope that it could be built up wth new material as more eco-renovations occur, and used year after year. It can build up a growing list of case study houses.
   The Peveril Solar house has quite a detailed write up.

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