Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Energy supporting the little generators

28 June: This a non-commercial plug here, because of course, everybody makes their own choice of whom to supply electricity - based on price usually, but the change can also be made on ethical grounds. We made the choice 4 years ago to change to Good Energy as they are the only UK electricity supplier who are 100% renewable based energy - under their charter they can only deliver electricity in quantities that they can procure as completely renewable.
   They do have a wind-farm of their own at Delabole, but they need more power suppliers if they want to take on more customers. Therefore they are extremely eager to sign up Home Generators and give them plenty of support. Before the Feed-in Tariff began in April 2010, they were paying us a sort of early feed in tariff of 15p per unit (instead of the normal selling price of 5p per unit) from 1st October 2009 to 1st April 2010. So even if the FiT had never happened, they would still have provided income for some payback.
   If you do not have your own generating capacity, you pay a bit more than the cheapest, but what you pay is furthering investment in wind-farms and home generation.

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  1. Many thanks for supporting Good Energy. We have over 1300 independent green generators. Even if you can’t generate your own home-grown energy you can support those who do.


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