Monday, June 7, 2010

Paper for Shanghai August '10

7 June: Blaise has been working on an 8 page conference paper describing recent monitoring of the Sunbox system. This is for the SET conference in Shanghai, August 2010.
  As this only describes the 6 days of monitoring back in May, at a time when the weather was very benign, it is difficult to draw decisive conclusions from the monitoring. We conclude by saying that another paper will be presented in a year's time, describing the monitoring of winter time performance, over 2010-2011. It is quite rare for people to look forward to winter, but in my case.... I am looking forward to seeing how the system will work compared with winter 2009-2010. It's unusual to wish for the winter to come more quickly...

Quoting from my conclusion:
"The manufacturer’s estimate is that annual heating demand is 14,600 kWh of which 9,800 kWh must be drawn from the ground. The most that the 4 sqm of sunbox can put down is 3,000 kWh, less than one third. Therefore, there can be no intention to raise the temperature of the soil – prevention of long term cooling is the primary hope. The research team will continue to monitor performance of the GSHP and Sunboxes into the Winter 2010 and Spring 2011, and this will be the subject of later articles on inter-seasonal performance."

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