Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Removing a redundant valve

31 May : Just a small plumbing change. I have done less on the blog and the project recently as I have student essays and work to mark. But I made a quick change to the plumbing in the loft. The original Danfoss 2-port solenoid valve is now redundant, as the 3-port one just above the heat pump is now the primary valve.
   Now, when the thermostat says Yes!, the 3-port valve down below gets the command, opens, then relays power up to the pump to operate.
   I am sure I shall find a use for the 2-port in a future project, and perhaps the actuator can be modified to be used as a servo motor to open and shut louvres electrically.

[October '10 Post script: This plumbing arrangement is what I call 'Trickle and Whoosh' - on the system in East Leake, I shall use 'Trickle while we Work' which is necessitated by the narrower diameter pipework, but might be more efficient. If this turns out to be the case, I might even cut my losses and revert this system to the Trickle while we Work. See Glossary.]

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