Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holiday gap in PV Readings? No!

13 July: As readers of this Earth Charging blog know, my PV roof is connected to the Internet, so it can publish its performance in realtime (with only an hour or so delay). It bleeps its status to SunnyPortal every 15 mins.
   I have just got back from 10 days holiday in France. Before leaving on the 3rd, I turned off my main broadband router as I wanted to reduce the number of appliances left on all the time, and also didn't want the neighbourhood parking outside my house getting free internet access.
   Unfortunately (although I tried to connect it directly before leaving), the Web Router for the Photovoltaic roof could not find the Internet, so for 10 days in France, I was somewhat in despair seeing zero reports or statistics about the PV. Got back today and after doing a few things (e.g. some weeding in the garden) I turned to the matter of the broadband router. Connected it all up correctly. Nothing had gone to the internet for 10 days.
   Looked at it a few hours later..... wow! The router must have stored all the statistics in some memory, because this evening I found that everything had been sent to SunnyPortal, and broadcast back as the usual set of graphs. We have scored consistently above 14.5 kWh per day during the period, except yesterday and today (Mon and Tue) when it looked more like a couple of days in January. Must have been very cloudy and rainy!


  1. interestingly in the same time period my solar roof extracting heat from the roof fabric has been transferring between 18 and 34kwh per day to the energy pile circuit. the roof area is south facing and is approx 28sqm. What transfer have you been seeing with the sunboxes?

  2. Hi Chris,
    Do you mean your thermal panels? I had my solar thermal panels running on low sensitivity while I was away to save on pump consumption, meaning that the temperature in the panel had to exceed 28degs C for them to come on. I still got more than 10 kWh a day from them. Metered House energy costs were about 2.5 kWh per day - mainly the fridge at night, some lights, and the stand by costs on things I forgot to turn off completely over the ten days.

    The PV panels gained about 170 kWh over the 10 days from 28 sqm, facing east.


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