Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Brain for Heat Pump

28 July: I am grateful to Ice Energy for sending up an engineer to swap out the REGO controller in the Heatpump. I had complained many times of frequent over heating of the Hot Water - it seemed that the pasteurisation that should take place about every 3 weeks was happening almost every day. In fact the regular problems that the machine got into were one of main prompts for the long saga of Charging the Earth. We often thought that it was to do with turning it off at night, but we leave it on all night now, using the internal timeclock instead.
   I don't regret for a moment having done the design of the Sunboxes, as I feel that something genuinely useful has been discovered - even if only by accident.
   I was looking through a web page the other day about scientific inventions and advances that were discovered by accident - the most famous being Penicillin, Post-it notes and vulcanised Rubber. I can't claim that sunboxes compete with these, anymore than Sarah Palin can claim to be Shakespeare for inventing 'Refudiate'. But the sunboxes are a bit of a discovery and may be useful one day.
   It has been a great experience working with David Atkins of Ice Energy - a great source of knowledge and ideas. There are few new ideas that he hasn't already tried - Sunboxes were one of them! His research and design skills, his presence at IE, places Ice Energy above any other UK provider of Heat Pumps.
  One small problem - there must be something odd in the algorithm by IVT, but on the very first day, we are still getting temperatures of over 58º. So it's good to know the new REGO isn't faulty, but it is slightly odd in the way it has been programmed. Our soil is so warm now that the heat up is quite quick, even when pushing up to or beyond 58º.

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