Monday, August 23, 2010

Heat Pump maintenance

23 Aug: I still have occasional maintenance issues with the heat pump, and at this time, its mainly to do with too many red-light occasions. This happens mostly 2-3 times a day, some times none, and sometimes 8. It is all stored in the machine log. So this list is boring, but its for the pedantic follower who needs to know every detail.

1. I topped up the glycol reservoir to mid-height, in case a low glycol level was causing a pressure problem - the level does rise and fall with temperature.
2. Checked the strainer on the Hot water circuit - this is nothing to do with it because at this time there is no heating. But it was lovely and clean. Thankyou Virgin Atlantic for the disposable toothbrush, perfect for cleaning it out.
3. Checked the speed setting of the heating circuit pump and found it was at the wrong speed, was at 3, and  ICE tell me that speed 2 is better.
4. I wondered if the loft pump working at only 30W actually represents a resistance to flow if the much more powerful (200W) pump in the GSHP is pushing liquid through the circuit to the panels. I suggested to David Atkins the idea of a pump bypass for the faster flow, but DA says this is unlikely.
5. There is a pressure gauge for the heating circuit that is topped up with mains water pressure, but I always keep this topped up to 1.4 bar.
6. There is an air release valve to the hot water jacket around the hot cylinder, that I regularly open.
7. Lowered the hysteresis on the Hot Water to 4 deg C. Doing cycles little and often.
The Red Light still comes on, but not quite as often. I don't see why it should ever go at this time of year, with no heating to do, and less than an hour a day of workload.

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