Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another prototype of Surya Sunbox

15 Sept: It is important to get a comparator system to match my Surya Sunboxes on the Peveril Solar house, and I now may be able to install one.
   I have spent a couple of hours today with a friend in N Leicestershire who has a large house and office with a heat pump in the garage - he has a south facing gable wall and he is a heat pump installer already - with an intense interest in seeing how this works on a larger house with a greater area of collector. The plumbing can be done by his own team. Although part of the wall is a timber frame, the benefit is that the heat pump is just behind the wall, so the pipes will only be a few metres long. Instead of being 6m up in the air, this is on a garage wall, and needs minimal scaffolding. He already has a triple borehole serving his Dimplex heatpump.
  I will write more about it as time goes on. We are having a discussion about whether to use polypropylene or metal collectors, and I might try to angle the front face, in the style of my Savita panel design. The house that is being heated is over twice the floor area of mine, but has a heat reclaim ventilation system, so the total heating load is probably the same or lower than my house.
  As we don't know what size of radiators he might get, I can't yet design the sunbox structures yet, but will do this soon. It will be a 3D CAD model first, then we will discuss it, and if it looks good, the parts can be ordered.

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