Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anybody got a Ground Source Heatpump?

2 Sept: Had a long discussion with David Atkins of Ice Energy about moving the Sunboxes to another level - for them to be included in heat pump installations, it would help to get MCS accreditation, and have a value engineered kit, with defined list of parts, instructions for plumbers, electrician etc.

Does anybody reading this have a Ground Source Heat pump?
that they are willing to consider trying a Surya Sunbox installation for? If it will save 20-30% of the annual electricity consumption that is quite a saving over a few years. We want a comparator system to balance with the prototype (Peveril Solar House), so I would provide a free system design, and Sunbox build, your cost would be for the engineering cost of the materials and component parts only, with instructions to your plumber on installing and setting up the thermostat. We would also provide additional advice on Tuning your heatpump.

I am incredibly happy with the performance of mine, and the reduction in running cost is already visible - it isn't only about cost/payback, it is also less fossil fuel burning at some distant power station, less carbon emission. People who walk past the house are always complimentary about the elegant simplicity of the architectural addition.
The actual saving is made slightly difficult to compute due to the strong performance of my PV roof, but I can see from the special meter on the GSHP that we are getting good reductions on consumption every month, something like 40% during the summer months - and we hope for 20% during the winter season.
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