Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Design advancing for the 2nd Sunbox installation

20 Sept: I have had some good iterative discussions with my friend David Hill about a Surya Sunbox installation in Leicestershire. He has his own team of Plumbers and electricians, and already has a Dimplex ground source heat pump supplying a house twice the size of mine, with a triple borehole - so it is a challenge.
  David comes on board as an associate in the research work, paying for materials, while I provide the system information and spec freely, as part of the research.
  I only have to design and specify the components and his team can build most of it. My only physical building task will be to build the actual polycarbonate and aluminium Surya Sunbox. David will record weekly achievements of the system, comparing the numbers with previous year's numbers.
So far the design is 2D like this, but will be 3D soon....
We were going to fix the Sunbox central and high up on the gable, but there is a permanent Trampoline close to the building which would be dangerous for anybody jumping on it. So the Sunbox is to one side and low down, requiring only a trestle for construction, not scaffolding. It will follow a similar pattern as the Surya Sunboxes mark 1, but will vary, in the direction of my uncompleted Savita design. That is, we are using 4x Metal Radiators 1800x600 arranged horizontally in 2 stacks of two, vertically organised with a 2050 x 2900x6 front panel. All the plumbing will be within the Sunbox.
   I wish I had made a larger single box for the ones on my house. If I can find a way to recycle the old polycarbonate I am tempted to the very expensive idea of putting up scaffolding next year, and doing just that! - the Payback is impossibly long, but the Research is more important.

  The Surya Sunbox 2 in East Leake will show a number of things :
David [whose house this will be heating] is also
the leader of Carbon Legacy,
renewable technology installers
  1. How metal compares with plastic - both are 4 square meters. 
  2. Whether stack effect can be exploited, thanks to the vertical arrangement. 
  3. How one large box instead of two could be more efficient.
  4. Whether the components of the Sunbox can be prepared as a kit form off site, for quick final assembly on site.
  5. Whether a heat pump installer team can instal this quickly working from a set of drawings instead of me standing there with my spanner and blowlamp puzzling it out.
  6. Doing it entirely in 22mm copper and some curvy flexible piping instead of the large diameter pipes in Peveril.
  7. This one will not work by total diversion of the flow through the Sunbox as happens at Peveril, we shall be working on a partial bypass, whereby a proportion of the flow is diverted, based on the speed we set for the bypass pump.
  8. The use of the mirror is less likely as the overall box shape is vertical and the mirror only helps the upper part - whereas for a predominantly horizontal arrangement as on my house, the mirror is more influential.

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