Friday, September 17, 2010

House of Mirrors

17 Sept: First day at work, and the mirrors have clear sunny skies. Photo is taken early morning when the sun is on the PV panels but not much on the thermal - although the interior temperature zoomed to more than 10 degs higher than the ambient air later in the afternoon.
Some people would think these are ugly - I like them.
They make the previous panels more complete somehow.
If the mirrors have no effect I shall be philosophical, they cost very little, the main 'cost' was the time and risk of being 7m up a ladder for a couple of hours. But Hey!, 500,000 users of Solar ovens in India can't be wrong, so I have confidence that there will be a percentage increase in heat gain in the middle hours 1100-1400. On the first day of operation, it pulled in 14.4 kWh on a day of wintry temperatures but clear morning skies. I shall have to get used to the idea that the concentrators (mirrors) only work when the sun shines...

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