Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insulation meeting on 19 Oct

Eco adaptation isn't only about putting PV roofs up and fitting heat pumps. The NUMBER ONE and TWO things are to
  • improve insulation! and to 
  • control draughts!
Please come to a meeting at South Notts College (Ruddington site) 19th October for a good presentation and discussion about these. One of the guest speakers will be David Hill of Carbon Legacy, a sponsor of Rushcliffe Solar, and an associate in the Charging-The-Earth project.
For new buildings, these two principles are also the leading principles in 'Passivhaus' design.

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  1. Hey this looks very awesome. A well-sealed attic means the air handler can be positioned for shorter duct runs. A Craftsman look on some homes pushes windows up into the eves to reduce facing and runs of soffit.


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