Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photovoltaic Anniversary 2009-2010

30 Sept '10: Today is the completion of the first full year of PV, so it is a chance to review the result.

  • In the previous 2 years, since moving to this house, the annual total electrical import was 8,500 kWh. 
  • In the year 1 Oct'09 to 1 Oct'10, the electric import was precisely 6,090 kWh, a saving of 2,410 kWh - pretty good. 
  • The roof panels harvested 3,325 kWh in that time. 
  • Part of the reduction is a general tightening of lifestyle. We were good before about turning off lights, but perhaps we have tried even harder this year to make sure that lights and standby devices are off. Metering daily has the effect of making you try harder to do better next time.
  • The Sunboxes have worked since mid March'10 so that will also have contributed, but as that has been mostly over summer, it won't have shown up significantly. The loft pump has used 73 kWh, but that is mostly in the day and covered by the PV roof.

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