Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strutting the sunboxes

26 Sept: Notice that a week or two ago, I balanced a ladder against the centre point of the sunboxes, to fix the aluminium mirrors. It was a bit risky and bouncy, and not good for the panels either.
   I had a dizzying time today, up the ladder again, now fitting a compressive member (strut) in the centreline level with the top rail, that supports the front panel from deflecting if a ladder is loaded against it.
   I don't know what else I shall need to do up there for a while, but it feels a lot safer up there with a metal strut. I also replaced a few of the Screws with Rivets. So much time was wasted trying out different screws and different hole sizes for the screws, what a pity that I didn't try riveting before. The connections are firmer, neater, and quicker to do, will not come undone, and can allow me to use thinner aluminium, if the section is non structural.
   Sorry, while high up there (best not to look down....), I didn't feel like taking a picture...

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