Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome the Winter!

25 Sept: Welcome to Winter? This seems a very odd thing to say, but for this research project, I am eager to see how the system performs in winter. Today is clear and sunny, but at 9º outside, it's the coldest day of the half year and similar to many days in February or March.
   Looking at it this morning, during a heating cycle, I see that it is 22º in the sunboxes, the GSHP is sending them glycol at 6.8º and the glycol is returning at about 9º and is coming back up from the ground at 12.0 - the exact figures fluctuate, as the collectors are cooling the sunbox interior, and then as the sun is still climbing in the sky and swivelling to the south at 10am, it warms them a bit more, and the air temp goes up again, the HP adjusts its temperature down a bit.
    If you are geeky enough, it is an interesting process to watch. We must now get the datalogger going again - it has been going all summer actually, but I need Blaise here to check it on his laptop to make sure that all the sensors are still connected, attached, and transmitting!
   During this cold day, it was actually one of the best of the autumn for sunshine with 15 kWh of photovoltaic energy harvested, and our roof galloped through and beyond the annual 3,300 kWh barrier. Having expected only 2,850 in a year, this is particularly satisfying. I guess today's score is helped by the cold air temperatures in the morning.
  At the end of the day, I noted that the Surya Sunbox energy harvest was well up - perhaps it is due to the mirrors, as it was sunny day, and the sunboxes were averaging 1.69 kW/hour when running which is so high that it is almost abnormal!

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