Thursday, October 21, 2010

East Leake Progress - Construction!

20 Oct '10: I spent all day at East Leake working on the construction of the second Sunbox. I know from the past that with Polycarbonate and Aluminium, there is no room for tolerances, things have to be millimetre perfect, and it's hard to bodge things if you drill in the wrong place. Aluminium is so strong, it won't tear if you have to drill a correct hole a short distance from a wrong one... but polycarbonate will tear if it is over drilled. The plumbing is mostly done, so its mostly a matter of building the external box, doing the final connection plumbing (leave that to last) and some electrics (thermostat and switches).
   Working in bitterly cold (but extremely sunny) conditions, the radiators are all up and plumbed externally, the Sunbox side and back walls are now fixed, the front panels are done, but not finally bolted on.
In these photos, I am getting help from Peter.
You can see that in the winter afternoons, there is a shadow from the house on the lower part of the box, which is a concern, but doesn't have the harmful effect of that happening to a PV panel. The upper collectors are still getting sun.

So.... the lower front panel is on now. This is still quite a laborous methodology, so if we try again somewhere else, we will use a flat plate solar panel, but modify its construction and plumbing.

More Progress is likely to happen next wednesday.

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