Thursday, October 28, 2010

East Leake Progress - Construction!

27 Oct'10: More progress at East Leake - despite the delightful attentions of the dog Charley who doesn't take it seriously and just wants to play throw and keep ball.
  Both front panels are up on their top hinged bolts. We have made a back panel for the upper part where it has to sit against the wall, but the wall leaves about an inch gap at the rear. This is now filled, using a thin sheet of plywood.
  We nearly got the bottom louvre in, but it was getting dark so quickly, and there were issues with bolts and washers. So I hope to be back there for some more work at the weekend.
  We decided that the roof can be bolted on, and does not need to tilt. There will be an upper flashing at the rear, to protect the plywood. We will have a top mirror to enhance the air temperature (there are already internal side mirrors).

31 Oct '10: Spent part of Sunday afternoon (after the clocks changed) to get the roof finished. This is now in place, but every time I went outside, it rained a bit more, so did mostly some light electrical work inside the garage while David H got on with the plumbing - finding suitable interfaces for the Sontex energy flowmeter and pump. When I talked some months ago about a 'magic metre' of plumbing, I wasn't far wrong. All these units have such long extensions, that it really does seem to need a metre of plumbing to put them all in line.
   We havent taken off the plastic film of the main sunbox yet, we are waiting till a good date for the 'grand unveiling' !

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