Thursday, October 7, 2010

East Leake Progress

David and David and dog
6 Oct: I travelled out on the bike to East Leake and had a detailed couple of hours with David Hill, discussing the plumbing, electrics and construction for the mark 2.1 version of the Surya Sunbox.
   He will do the plumbing and electrics himself, and everything is very very accessible, with the Dimplex GSHP less than a metre distance from the Sunbox. There is only a light timber wall to drill through. With metal finned collectors and side mirrors and more airtight construction, we have high hopes for the new model. He installs PV systems, so has metres of fixing rail and can make the brackets and spray the metal collectors.
Photo shows that Sun will be good on this wall....
due south!
  The polycarbonate is on its way from Liverpool, and I have the aluminium in my garage, half of which is now drilled, ready to be riveted to the polycarbonate.
  Ice Energy will continue with their equipment sponsorship by providing the Sontex energy flowmeter and the AKO thermostat, and I am keen to use these as they are fully comparable with the metering and control for the Peveril Sunboxes.
  David points out that there may be some pretty smart (and expensive) metering and control units for solar thermal systems that we can use in the future, but for now, the research is not about them - it is about proving and measuring the effect of solar charging of the ground loop that supplies a ground source heat pump! David A of Ice Energy had checked some of these out last year, but they didn't have the dual mode of the AKO.

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