Thursday, October 14, 2010

East Leake Progress

Dog, eat the ball not the radiators!
13 Oct '10: I travelled out to East Leake again to drop off some vital plumbing supplies, such as the pump, flowmeter, non return valve, solenoid valve and thermostat - also some miscellaneous plumbing bits that are surplus to my needs.
  These black collectors are stock single panel radiators with convector fins at the rear, and painted matt black on the south facing side.
  Hmm... I had better get back to my press drill and complete the work on the aluminium, ready for erecting the Sunboxes. There will be one difficulty of customization which is that the upper part of the sunboxes is against a shiplap timber wall, and we will need to scribe the two edges to fit. Also, along the top the roof will not meet the wall line because that is also not consistent as would be a brick wall..... hmmm again... its lucky I have some spare aluminium sheet in the garage, I feel a custom roof flashing design coming on.
The radiators need flexible hose connections.

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