Thursday, October 7, 2010

Energy foundations

7 Oct: I asked on the Navitron forum for ideas about Energy foundations, and some kind hearted people  have posted replies. Mr eccentricAnomaly provided this link:

Mr Billi provided an interesting discussion of Passivhaus, including this weblink to a german site (but in english),
Billi made a fair point that there should be a renewable heat incentive for having an exceptionally well insulated house, and not just for installation of systems.
    Billi posted this picture from a Swiss website of an astonishing office building that has actually been built, that is storing heat underground, below the building.   I hope he will post the address of the site this came from as it is deeply interesting to me.
  Mr dhaslam (who is doing interesting storage experiments of his own with earth storage using straw bales as insulation) commented that there is a risk of putting pipes under the house for two reasons, one is swelling or moisture change in the soil (suggesting to me that we would need short piles) the other is the impossibility of access in case of an error. He also wondered whether Passive House really works in the British climate. Would we have enough capacity to store heat through cloudy times without needing something like a large swimming pool under the house?

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