Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foot Mirrors built, but not up

16 Oct '10: The foot mirrors are built, but still on the ground - it is all very precision made down here, so I hope the assembly fits when it goes up. Next time there is daylight and a few hours, I hope to be up the ladder fixing them.

PS 17 Oct, they are up now, but as it was completed well after sunset (in moonlight by the way) there is no photograph as yet.
  The optimum angle of the mirrors is about 22 degrees tilt, directly facing south, which is also directly facing on edge to the optimum position that a photographer would stand in the field behind the house - so they are near enough invisible, which is exactly how I would like them to  be seen from that angle.
  Sunday 17 Oct was sunny but cold, and for a long part of the afternoon, the sunboxes were disabled by having the louvres and front panel propped open while I worked bolting on the brackets for the mirrors. Despite this, the earning was still 19 kWh which is one short of an annual record. How can this figure be so much higher than most days in May-June, if it is not for the mirrors?

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