Saturday, October 9, 2010

Foot Mirror in 3D

General view, with a single mirror.
8 Oct '10: The Foot mirror design idea is evolving, and I always make a 3D model of what needs to be built before ordering the stock metal.  This was a good idea here because the 2D model thinking was wrong.
  My original idea was for two louvres, to reduce the shading on the windows below, but at winter angles, they have the same problem that PV panels have when mounted on a flat roof - the front one shades the one behind. So it is better to have a single tilting mirror.
  The one above is already built and is 280mm, fixed at 60ยบ angle.
This shows a close up detail of
how the bracket might work
  The foot mirror is still a parametric model, so I can change the number of louvres and the depth of the louvre, and the tilt angle. It would be best to be flat in the summer and angled forward in the winter on sunny days, and angled back on cloudy days. I can make them controllable either from below (on a long stalk) or from the bedroom window, using wingnuts (a tidier job).
  Actually, as drawn, the mirrors would prevent the top hung front panel from opening, so the mirror has to be lowered.
  One regret I would have about this, is that when I stand below the boxes and look vertically upwards, I would see the soffits of the foot mirrors, and not the boxes...

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