Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Centre Mirrors are now installed!

16 Nov '10: I have now managed to handcraft the centre mirrors, and these are now in place. I wish I had thought of it when the scaffolding was up - so much upping and downing of that ladder, not good when you also have a slight pulled muscle in your back.

  With luck these will remain reasonably clean and reflective. I notice that my upper mirrors are still very clean, but the foot mirrors are coated with atmospheric dirt and a bit of bird shit after only a month. Still, as they are not so high, they are easier to clean, and could be a task for every alternate month. I was hoping that at an angle they would be more self cleaning. Perhaps they can be coated with Wax to make the dirt stick less effectively.

  Now that the centre-mirrors are fitting snugly, I may go on further and cover the upper pipes with aluminium box enclosure.
   Also, I have yet to fit the outer corner mirrors. They are made, but still on the ground as I have to build the special hinges for them. The best angle will be 45ยบ in summer or winter, so they do not need to swivel once established. They will stay clean for longer.
  The centre-mirror assembly you see here is of pop-riveted plates, and is not screwed in as there is a good gripping base detail with a strong Push-Fit detail at the top.

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